Full Report - Road to Secondary Land Offering (R2SLO)

Full Report

The Report below shows key statistics and trends from the Road to Secondary Land Offering of Somnium Space. Interactive Report contains 7 pages in total, please allow some time to load them up properly. All the data and visualizations are interactive, you can use whatever filter you want. By clicking on the area of your interest the data will be adjusted immediately. For applying multiple filters at the same time, please hold your ctrl button when selecting them.

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– All Sales (USD) values presented in these visualizations have been recalculated based on the market rate (ETH/USD) as of 26/05/2020.
– All Sales (CUBE) values have been translated into ETH values based on market rate (1 CUBE =c. $ 0.2)
Last data update: 28/05/2020