Somnium Space - Road to Secondary Land Offering (R2SLO)

Overall statistics and visualizations

The report below shows key statistics and trends from the Road to Secondary Land Offering so far. All the charts and tables are interactive, meaning you can click on a particular item / asset / time period of your interest and data will be adjusted accordingly. If you click on the same spot once again, data will revert to the previous position. You can easily sort each category / class of your interest once you click on the particular heading.

– All Sales (USD) values presented in these visualizations have been recalculated based on the market rate (ETH/USD) as of 26/05/2020.
– All Sales (CUBE) values have been translated into ETH values based on market rate (1 CUBE = $ 0.2)
Last data update: 27/05/2020, 9:00 (CET)

Weekly data summary